Paul C. Mawhinney, Curator At Large, has devoted his life to cataloging every piece of vinyl that he has come into contact with since 1968. He always had a passion for music and collecting, but at the same time he realized the true value of the information. His collection was documented in the earlier days on 3×5 index cards. As computer technology started to infiltrate our world, he saw the need to begin to catalog this information. In 1983, Paul published “MusicMaster: The 45 RPM Record Directory” and its subsequent supplements. All information in the MusicMaster Directories are included in this database. It was and still is an enormous work. Its detail and comprehensiveness has proven over the years to be a valuable resource for researchers, collectors, and anyone in the world who is interested in the preservation of sound recordings. This is an ongoing work and Paul is still cataloging everyday. His work is far from complete, so while browsing during your free trial hour, if you have information that you feel should be added to the database, please feel free to contact Paul using the Correction and Addition Contact form or by mail at:

PO Box 15413
Pittsburgh, PA 15237

Thank you for your interest in the Record-Rama Sound Archives Database.

MusicMaster: The 45 RPM Record Directory

While Paul has retired from the retail, rental, and publishing operations of Record-Rama, he continues to catalog the recordings he encounters. Today he offers that information through the Record-Rama Sound Archive Database.

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